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  ---- libiso2022
  1... IntroductionS
  1.1 Character sets
  1.2 Control Characters
  2... How to build the library
  3... How to use the library
  3.1 The character set base
  3.2 The interpreter
  4.... Bugs
  ---- Donwload


ISO 2022 is a stateful interpretation of a stream of conforming
bytes. This means, that reading one byte may not be enough to output
it's translation, as more bytes might be required. Nevertheless, this
interpreter is designed to deal well with this. All bytes which do not
complete a full sequence are stored in a struct, allowing to resume
the interpretation at any point. This allows for interactive use as
well as for an application which want's a byte by byte handling.

The main function is:

iso2022uni (ISO2022 *s, io2022_f infunc, void *inparm);