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  ---- libiso2022
  1... IntroductionS
  1.1 Character sets
  1.2 Control Characters
  2... How to build the library
  3... How to use the library
  3.1 The character set base
  3.2 The interpreter
  4.... Bugs
  ---- Donwload

The second and third arguments are the method used to acquire more
bytes from the input stream. It's a user supplied function, and one
argument. The interpreter will call this function once for each input
byte, until EOF is returned. "io2022_f" is a typedef to a function
pointer which returns an integer (the next byte to interpret or EOF)
and taks a void pointer as the sole argument. A very simple input
function could be:

my_input (void *arg)
return fgetc ((FILE *)arg);

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