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  ---- libiso2022
  1... IntroductionS
  1.1 Character sets
  1.2 Control Characters
  2... How to build the library
  3... How to use the library
  3.1 The character set base
  3.2 The interpreter
  4.... Bugs
  ---- Donwload

The first part consists of a set of arrays and a perfect hash function
(generated by gperf) associating the escape sequences with the
corresponding data. The data is stored in read-only memory. It should
not be necessary to call this function directly (besides for debugging
purposes). The header file iso2375.h declares the hash function, an
enumeration for each control function and the declaration of a
function to return a string with the control character's acronym.

Note that in terms of ISO 2022 a new line character or a tabulator
character are just control characters as any other, not different from
ACK or DC4. For this reason, these characters are mapped not to their
unicode counterparts but to a pseudo-unicode number depending on the
enum for those controls and the offset (see above). For instance,