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  ---- libiso2022
  1... IntroductionS
  1.1 Character sets
  1.2 Control Characters
  2... How to build the library
  3... How to use the library
  3.1 The character set base
  3.2 The interpreter
  4.... Bugs
  ---- Donwload


This library includes a module called 2375, mapping those character
sets to unicode. ISO 2022 is by definition open-ended, so if I pretend
to offer a full implementation, this is actually a goal which should
not be possible to achieve. The standard cites as sources for
character sets the 2375 registry, some other standards like ECMA-48
and then, ``other national standards'' without further pointers. Even
within the ISO2375 registry, there are several character set's I could
not identify and which are therefore missing. I consider this as a bug
and am interested in `bugfixes', i.e., receiving the missing data.